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Welcome weary traveller of the World Wide Web. That mouse click or touch of the screen that just landed you here may just be the most important action you’ve ever completed. This is because it has brought you to the greatest website ever created, mattydynamite.com. A website so fantastic that it will make you question everything you hold true and dear. As you may have guessed from the name it is of course the website of none other than world renowned scholar, philosopher, and all round top bloke Matty Dynamite. Part genius, part rebel and 100% brilliant, Matty Dynamite and his ideas were recently described by Overly Elaborate and Exaggerated Praise Magazine as:

“an SAS sniper floating in a Kansas tornado.  Initially he will blow your mind, then he will lift you up and take you to another world, leaving you so disoriented by his awesomeness that you will probably need to seek out a powerful wizard to set you straight”.

So in the unlikely event that you have straps on hand, strap yourself in, because I want you to return unharmed from the mind-trip you’re about to embark on. I can’t guarantee much in this life but I can guarantee one thing, you will not leave this website the same person that entered.




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Flying Saucer

Alien Anal Obsession: A Probing Analysis?

There can be no disputing the fact that Aliens' love anal probing, but why? What is their motivation? What is their fascination with the human arsehole?

How to Set the Fashion Trends

Through my observation I have discovered the one secret that cool kids everywhere have wanted to know for years. I know how to predict what will be in fashion before it happens. Don't believe me? Have a read.

What are Ka-Booms? Introductory FAQs.

The Ka-Booms section of my website is where I keep all my theories and philosophical thoughts. This post has a bunch of FAQs about this section of my website.

‘Sharply Dressed African American Man in Helicopter’: The Artwork

On the side wall of a menswear shop on the corner of Karimbla Road and Kiora Road, Miranda, there is a piece of graffiti art that depicts two women and a sharply dressed man in a helicopter. The art is not new, it's not particularly good, but it is one of the most culturally significant pieces in the Sutherland Shire. Read more about it here.
Stan-up Thumbnail

My First Stand-up Comedy Performance: The Video and the Story.

The Video and story of my first ever foray into the world of Stand-up Comedy.