Who is Matty Dynamite?

Matty Phipps is the dirty, disrespectful Ibis.

Matty Dynamite is the dirty, disrespectful Ibis.

Matty Dynamite is many things to many people. Polymath, genius, scholar, satirist, icon and sex symbol to name just a few. To some he is an enigma, to others a mystery and to the establishment, a problem that needs to be solved. Those who love to describe people in ornithological terms have simultaneously regarded Matty Dynamite as the dirty, disrespectful Ibis, the honourable Eagle and the rabble-rousing Cockatoo. Most people just refer to him by his nickname, ‘Mr Glacier’, due to his of his unmistakable coolness.

He is a puzzle that the public just don’t seem to have the pieces to put together yet, but with this website there is finally hope. Containing stories of his life, his theories, his ideas, and everything in between, this may finally be the World’s chance to see what makes this great mind tick.  But don’t take our word for it. Have a browse around and discover for yourself why Matty Dynamite is quickly gaining a reputation as the Da Vinci of the 21st century.