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‘Sharply Dressed African American Man in Helicopter’: The Artwork 30/03/15 06:06

On the side wall of a menswear shop on the corner of Karimbla Road and Kiora Road, Miranda, there is a piece of graffiti art that depicts two women and a sharply dressed man in a helicopter. The art is not new, it's not particularly good, but it is one of the most culturally significant pieces in the Sutherland Shire. Read more about it here.
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Urinal Creep: An Incontinent Truth 24/03/15 04:25

Urinal Creep is a modern scourge on society. It's real, it’s already well underway and it must be stopped. Starting today. Starting with you!
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My First Post: Introductory FAQs 17/03/15 03:14

Welcome to my new website. Here is a bunch of FAQs about me and the site.