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Phippslosophy comes about through the filtering of the shit spewed out by the sewage pipe of my brain.

Ka-Booms come about through the filtering of the shit spewed out by the sewage pipe of my brain.

I’ve been tossing and turning over how to write this introductory post about the Ka-Booms section of my website for a while now. Every time I try explain how and why I develop my own theories on different things, and try and come up with solutions to problems, it always ends up with me sounding like I’m a massive wanker. I’ll usually start with a introduction about how underground, guerrilla smart I am, and then go on a rant about the elitism of the current model of knowledge, the role that lived experience plays in the creation of knowledge, and the misguided notions on the infalability of science and facts … oh no!.. I’m sounding like I’m a massive wanker again.  Oh well, can’t be helped… I am what I am. What I have decided to write instead of the wanker piece I’ve outlined above, is another Frequently Asked Questions post. Sorry if you find the answers boring but I will warn you now, the Ka-Booms section is not the comedy section of my website. These lightweight-philosophical, quasi-intellectual, unbelievably boring, thoughts don’t come from the same place where my witty observations on modern life and distasteful, offensive disabled jokes originate. My comedy stuff comes from a fountain of ideas that sprout from the most creative parts of my brain, while the Ka-Booms section of the website is more likely to flow from the sewage pipe part of my brain. It’s mostly shit, and it usually stinks… really bad.


What is this section of your website?


The Ka-Booms section of my website is a place to publish the crap that swirls around in my skull. All day and night my brain goes; never stopping; constantly analyzing; always thinking; solving problems; developing theories, it doesn’t stop… ever! It may sound like I’m trying to make myself out to be some sort of deep, brilliant thinker who was born to be an academic and chose the wrong path by being an unemployed bum, but I assure you that’s not the case. (The unemployed bum bit is true though. Not a good career move.) The stuff I constantly think about doesn’t matter to anyone or help anybody; it’s mostly just pointless rubbish that my brain won’t put down. For example I was wondering where Seagulls go at night for two days straight last month. What a waste of time! This constant bombardment of thoughts, and the accompanying compulsion to order the thoughts and solve the problems has led to me having real issues getting to sleep at night. It’s been like this most of my life. I’ve tried meditation and other relaxation techniques, I’ve tried medication, but the only thing that seems to work is transferring my thoughts from my brain, onto paper. If I write down what I was thinking about just before I go to bed my brain usually stops dwelling on whatever rubbish I was dwelling on, and allows me to get some shut-eye.

(I will clarify one thing. The medication I was on did work at stopping my racing thoughts. Unfortunately it worked too well. It stopped all my thoughts and turned me into a drooling zombie for a year and a half. I had no trouble sleeping. It was the waking up that was the problem.)


When I was originally contemplating sorting out a website, one of the first things I thought of was this section. Mainly because I have so much written in exercise books and lecture pads and I’m running out of room to store them, but also because it is something that I find easy to write. What you will read in the Ka-Booms section of my website is merely a tidied up version of what came out of my head and onto the pad on my desk.



This is the desk where I sit and do a brain dump before I go to bed. BTW. Yes that is a 'Spice World' poster. My 2nd favourite movie ever, just behind 'The Piano'.

This is the desk where I sit and do a brain dump before I go to bed. BTW. Yes that is a ‘Spice World’ poster. The second greatest movie ever, just behind ‘The Pianist’.


Why do you call it Ka-Booms?


Firstly, let me make it clear that I do not think my theories and thoughts are so special that they deserve a new branch of knowledge all to themselves. Nor do I think myself so smart and important that some new branch of Philosophy should be named after me. I just thought it would be a funny name for this section of the website is all. You see Dynamite is my surname and Blowing minds is my game, hence Ka-Booms. Do you get it? I know… it’s not really that funny… sorry.



Why do you feel the need to share this Ka-Boom rubbish with us?


I was writing it out anyway so I thought I may as well just fix it up a little bit and put it on my website. Maybe someone will enjoy it. Maybe someone will want to take issue with what I think and debate me. Maybe I will introduce a previously unthought-of of theory into the intellectual world. Probably not… I would be very surprised… but stranger things have happened, like Daryl Somers having a career that has spanned nearly as long as I’ve been alive. The bloke is about the unfunniest bastard I’ve ever seen, the world’s worst ad-libber, and to top it off, he can hardly string a sentence together when simply reading from an auto cue. So he’s decided to host live television, and he’s made a 25-30 year career out of it. The mind boggles, it really does.



Do you think you’re smart or something?


Wow, As soon as I wrote that question I started to have flashbacks of Primary School for some reason. I’ll have to chat to my psychologist about that. No, I do not think I am any smarter than anyone else, despite what the blurbs on other parts of the website tell you. I have tons of strange, unique ideas, and they seem to come really rapidly, but whether that is classified as smart, dumb or mental is up for debate. Anyway, I don’t really think there is such a thing as smart and dumb, just equal bits of both mixed into everyone. Some of the people who were labeled dumb when I was young turned out to be extremely talented, creative adults who just didn’t excel at school for some reason. Maybe their lack of classroom success was due to a turbulent home life where education wasn’t the major focus, an illness like dyslexia or ADHD, or maybe they were just so insightful that they realised excelling in school and completing a University degree was a massive waste of time. Most people don’t realise that until they’re at least 25.


The ironic thing about the labels of smart and dumb is that they are usually bestowed upon people by a schoolteacher. This is someone who, in most cases, has gone from Primary School, to High School, to University, back to either Primary or High School so they can teach the same lesson for the next 30 or 40 years. They have done nothing except be at school, never bothering to find out the joy of not being surrounding by school children, or to learn anything about the ‘real world’ that they claim to be teaching their students about. That’s sounds like the life choices of a really dumb person that’s not qualified to pass judgement on who is a smart or dumb child… at least that’s what I’d say if I believed in those labels.



Why should anyone care?


You don’t have to care. I don’t really care if you care. If you care then I care that you care, but if you don’t care then I don’t care that you don’t care. If you enjoy what I’ve written, if you get a laugh at my expense, or if it gets you thinking about something you hadn’t thought of before then that can only be a good thing. If you think what I’m writing is the ramblings of a man with too much time on his hands and too much air in his head then I am fine with that too. I don’t do this for anyone but myself. It helps me get the rubbish out of my head and let me move onto thinking about something else, which is all I’m really worried about.


I thought I saw some of this stupid crap you’re spouting somewhere else? You haven’t stolen other people’s ideas, have you?


You can rest assured I haven't stolen any ideas because who else would worry so much about where seagulls go at night?

You can rest assured I haven’t stolen any ideas because who else would come to the conclusion that Seagulls turn into bats at night? They’re like Clarke Kent and Superman. Have you ever seen a bat and a seagull in the same place at the same time?


I’m positive I haven’t stolen anyone’s ideas. If my thoughts are the same as someone else’s it is through one of three possibilities:

  1. purely through the fact that what I’m saying may be so logical heaps of others have thought of it too;
  2. it’s a conclusion that has co-incidently been arrived at independently by somebody else;
  3. there is someone else as stupid as me.

If you find similar conclusions to mine in a book, I promise that I didn’t steal them from there because I haven’t read a book in years. If you saw someone’s theory that sounded similar to my own theory on Television, then I swear I didn’t steal it from there because I don’t really watch TV. The only way I will ever hear of someone else’s theories or ideas is if they were to tell me about it themselves, or they broadcast their theories over the Rugby League telecast. Mostly I’m too self centred to seek out what anyone has to say on a subject, I’m too lazy to Google it, and I’m too busy doing my own thing to care about what other people are doing, so there’s no need for me to worry about plagiarism.



I hope you enjoy this section of my website. If you have anything to add you can always add it in the comments section or send me an email via the contact page. Don’t bother following me on Social Media because as previously stated I’m too busy doing my own thing to care about what other people are doing, therefore I don’t see the point of social media.

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